Discovery Onmark Group

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Residential Partners 

Acurus Processors and Amplifiers
Alta Audio Loudspeakers
Aragon Luxury High-Fi 
Audiolab High-Fi Components
Dual Turnatables
Mission Loudspeakers
Primare Audio & Video Amps, Processors 
Seymour Screen Excellence
SIM2 Projectors
Stenheim Loudspeakers

Mobile Partners 

Audiofrog High-End Mobile Sound
Nakamichi Mobile Sound System
TRU Technology Premium 
Mobile Amplification

Line Availability

All lines are available throughout territory except for:
EPV Screens: Not available in Arizona or Clark County Nevada
Nakamichi Mobile Sound: Not available in Idaho, Montana and Wyoming

Contact and Territory Information 

Chip Jacobs
  • Mobile: 303-881-2585
  • Email:
  • Territory: Colorado

Kevin Kloeckner
  • Mobile: 480-216-5740
  • Email:
  • Territory: Arizona, New Mexico
  • El Paso & Clark County NV
Lou Price
  • Mobile: 719-314-5806
  • Email:
  • Territory: Utah, Idaho, Montana
  • Southern Colorado, Wyoming


Discovery Onmark Group covers the Rocky Mountain Region and the Southwest.  States include: Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Montana,
New Mexico, Wyoming, El Paso Texas,
Clark County Nevada 

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